Child Care

Nicholas County Health Department permits and conducts semi-annual inspections of child care centers, day care centers and family day care facilities according to W.Va. 64 C.S.R. 21.

  • Child care centers are facilities providing nonresidential child care for seven or more children for all or part of a day.  Not including:
    • Kindergartens or preschools solely operated by the public school system.
    • Temporary facilities providing child care while parents shop, attend religious services, engage in personal affairs, etc.
    • Summer recreational camps not in excess of thirty days in length.
    • Medical facilities used for temporary residential care or convalescence.
    • Persons providing child care solely for family members.
  • Day care centers are facilities providing nonresidential care for thirteen or more children.
  • Family day care centers are child care centers providing nonresidential care for seven to twelve children including children permanently living in the household who are less than six years of age with no more than four of the total number of children under two years of age.

New, modified or remodeled child care centers must submit plans, an Application for a Permit to Operate and appropriate fees to Nicholas County Health Department at least forty-five days prior to opening, construction or modification.  Nicholas County Health Department must conduct an initial inspection of the child care center prior to issuance of permits.