Nicholas County Health Department provides a variety of basic environmental health services in accordance with W.Va. Code § 16-2-11(1)(ii) including the promoting and maintaining of clean and safe air, water, food and facilities and the administering of public health laws concerning general sanitation, drinking water, sewage and wastewater, food and milk, housing, institutions, and recreation.  This work is primarily performed through permitting and compliance inspections.  Inspection results may be viewed online, and copies may be obtained from Nicholas County Health Department upon submission of a Freedom of Information Act request form.



Nicholas County Board of Health held a meeting May 26, 2021 during the meeting it was voted to increase the environmental fee schedule. These fees included fees charged for services provided by the Nicholas County Health Department for permits in association with 64 CSR 30 Fees for Permit and 64 CSR 51 Fees for Service. The Nicholas County Board of Health will have available for public comment, the proposed fees for Environmental Services. The schedule for the fees is available for review at the Nicholas County Health Department, 1 Stevens Road, Suite 201, Summersville, WV 26651, from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday (except for legal holidays) beginning with the publication date of this notice. The Board of Health has provided for a thirty (30) day comment period. All comments must be in writing and post marked by October 31, 2021 to be considered by the Board.

Posting Date: September 22, 2021

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Food Establishments, Retail Stores, Vending Machines & Farmers Markets

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Manufactured Housing

Manufactured Home Communities Sanitation

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Sewage & Water

Sewage Disposal, Subdivisions, Sewage Removal & Water Wells

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General Sanitation

Schools, Lodging, Campgrounds, Institutions, Parks & Festivals

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Recreational Water

Commercial Swimming Pools, Hot Tubs & Spas

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Clean Indoor Air

Smoke Free Workplace Regulation & Advocay

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Child Care

Child Care Centers, Pre-Schools & Head Starts

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Body Art

Tattoo Studios & Body Piercing Studios

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Vector Control

Mosquitos, Rodents, Standing Water & Solid Waste

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